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Your trusted name in custom-made jewellery production



As one of Hong Kong’s biggest and most reputable suppliers and manufacturers of jewellery, we have gained the trust of thousands of clients, retailers, and importers from all over the world. Since the establishment of Tai Chung Jewellery more than 30 years ago, our company has grown to be a full service jewellery planner, developer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter with creative styles and products ranging from 18k gold jewellery, 925 sterling silver jewellery, mother of pearl, shell, vermeil jewellery, beads, bead strands, loose gemstones, and other custom made jewellery.



Being in the forefront of jewellery making technology, our factory based in Guangdong province, China, employs some of the most highly skilled craftsmen and staff to develop and manufacture some of the finest pieces of jewellery in the world in the most efficient way possible allowing us to deliver quality without delay.




We create exquisite custom made jewellery for brands and clients operating under full confidentiality of all information and designs. From the classics to the avant-garde, our talented designers consistently come up with the new original designs as well, producing a high level of variety in our collections. From processing loose gemstones to handcrafting intricate luxury jewellery, we do everything in our technologically advanced one-stop-shop factory, giving us the ability to price our products reasonably without losing profit.


We are driven by our passion to create exemplary masterpieces of wearable art and profitable investment and our commitment to make modern luxury more affordable and accessible to the general population. We have expanded our business to have long-term positive relationships with a wide range of international and local partners, clients, and retailers, worldwide that all share our vision of delivering the highest quality jewellery pieces to the people.

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