About Us

“A jewellery company of all in one.”

Our History

Your trusted name in custom-made jewellery production

As one of Hong Kong’s biggest and most reputable suppliers and manufacturers of jewellery, we have gained the trust of thousands of clients, retailers, and importers from all over the world. Since the establishment of Tai Chung Jewellery more than 30 years ago, our company has grown to be a full-service jewellery planner, developer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter with creative styles and products ranging from 18k gold jewellery, 925 sterling silver jewellery, mother of pearl, shell, vermeil jewellery, beads, bead strands, loose gemstones, and other custom made jewellery.



Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

Est. 1997

About Us

Being at the forefront of jewellery making technology, our factory based in Guangdong province, China, employs some of the most highly skilled craftsmen and staff to develop and manufacture some of the finest pieces of jewellery in the world in the most efficient way possible allowing us to deliver quality without delay.

We create exquisite custom made jewellery for brands and clients operating under full confidentiality of all information and designs.

From the classics to the avant-garde, our talented designers consistently come up with the new original designs as well, producing a high level of variety in our collections.

From processing loose gemstones to handcrafting intricate luxury jewellery, we do everything in our technologically advanced one-stop-shop factory, giving us the ability to price our products reasonably without losing profit.

Our Future

Long Term Relationship

We are driven by our passion to create exemplary masterpieces of wearable art and profitable investment and our commitment to make modern luxury more affordable and accessible to the general population.

We have expanded our business to have long-term positive relationships with a wide range of international and local partners, clients, and retailers, worldwide that all share our vision of delivering the highest quality jewellery pieces to the people.


We have made our products into three main categories.



One side flat, one side dome.

Bead Strand

Bead Strand

Beads strung together.

Loose Piece

Loose Piece

Carved loose piece.


Make your own jewellery

Venturing on a jewellery line can prove to be a profitable move for any company looking to diversify their products and widen their market. We can manufacture jewellery for your brand down to the last nitty-gritty detail. The designs, creative license, and product stamps are all yours; we just offer our state-of-the-art facility and the skills of our talented craftsmen to make your jewellery designs come to life.

Simply submit your designs to us in any form from CAD files, sketches, photographs, to verbally describing to us how you want your jewellery to look like, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • With our Jewellery OEM, you can be as hands-on or as uninvolved as you wish.
  • We create prototypes until we get every last detail right. Upon your approval of the initial prototypes, you can decide on the quantity you want to order.
  • With our low minimum order requirements, you can test out the market before ordering more of your designs depending on the market demand, or place repeat orders depending on the season
  • We can use our laser inscription technology to place your brand logo in the jewellery
  • With our wide network and partnerships in the industry, we can refer you to packaging designers and manufacturers who can give your company further savings on expenses
  • All designs and arrangements are kept with the utmost confidentiality

New designs every month

With thousands of our available designs to choose from, continually being updated according to the latest trends, and physical samples readily available in our headquarters and our factory, our clients can have an extensive collection to choose from. Every piece can be minimally altered and customized according to the clients’ desires, with the option to use their choice of:

  • Gemstone: Our wide-ranging collection can range from precious stone to semi-precious stones of various sizes and shapes.
  • Metal: Choose anything from 18k gold jewellery to vermeil jewellery, from silver jewellery to metallic beads, and anything else from our expansive selection.
  • Surface: Choose any surface finish and plating colour that you want, or choose to have your logo or name lasered or engraved as well.
  • Other Materials: We have a broad collection of Mother of Pearl, shells, bead strands, and loose gemstones that you can choose from to create the perfect piece of jewellery.

Develop your own jewellery line

Through our experience in the industry and thorough research, we can assist our clients on how to develop the perfect jewellery line that will suit their brand depending on several factors including but not limited to:

  • Location
  • Sales channel
  • Target demographic
  • Season
  • Price sensitivity
  • Competitors

Our aim during consultancies is to create the most ideal collection for our clients that embody their brand’s style while staying competitive in the ever-changing market.


Loose Gemstones

Ethically sourced from various mines and markets all over the world, we’ve procured a large collection of raw gemstones that range in quality and size from rough to full cut, from precious to semi-precious. Apart from using them for pieces that are made in our factory, we also export them to international jewellery makers, collectors, and factories or sell them to local small to medium jewellery retailers. We can also polish or shape the stones according to our clients’ preferences.


Natural Shell Collections

Our selection of loose shell craft is utilized by our factory to create unique luxurious jewellery pieces for our collection. We also provide our loose shell cuts to local and international jewellery makers and retailers who specialize in shell craft jewellery, which is very much in fashion. Choose from our wide collection, from the elegant Mother of Pearl to Queen Conch Shells to Spiny Oyster Shells or Abalone Shell, among many others.